Cats in Bow Ties - 2.5in Limited Edition Button Magnet - Yolanda


Cats in Bow Ties is a photographic series featuring 101 cats wearing hand crafted bow ties by photographer Lindsi Jones. The cats featured in the series are current residents, former residents, and supporters of the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary. The purpose of this series is to highlight the beauty and elegance of felines and to show viewers how beautiful the cats available for adoption at their local animal shelter are and hopefully inspire adoptions, as well as instill an greater appreciation for all cats. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this limited edition magnet will help fund the lives of the fabulous felines at Miss Kitty!

Yolanda- A current resident of Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary, Yolanda is currently looking for her forever home. Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary provides shelter, and love to dozens of kittens every year. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this magnet will be used to help fund the rehabilitation of cats and kittens just like Yolanda!

Each of the 200 magnets in this limited edition were professionally printed, and assembled by hand at Lindsi's studio.

Magnets are 2.5 inch photo buttons ready to stick to any metal surface! (not recommended for outdoor use)

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